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Stickman Fighting Games

Welcome to the Stickman Fighting Games. On this website, you can play and have fun with various stickman games. The site has massive collection of games, and the main goal of the website is to collect all the best stick fight games that you can play online or from your mobile phone. If you love Stickman games, you will enjoy your stay. If you have any concerns about anything, contact us.

What is a stickman game?

Stickman is a figure made from lines. There are no records of when the stickman first time appeared, probably even ancient Egyptians draw a stickman in their pyramids. Stickman game is a game with stickman figures. These games can be of various genre. Most popular and most played stickman games are the ones that include strategy, action, and adventure.

One of the best stickman games:

Stickman Simulation: Stick War A simple but very playable game where you control stickman empire. In the game, you will need to create stickman. There are various types of stickmen. Some are workers, and others are fighters. You need to put workers to work, and with soldiers, you need to attack the enemy base. The goal of the game is to conquer a world. The world is built of several kingdoms, and in each kingdom, you will need to control your empire from the start to the end. You will need to hire workers and fighters and eventually send them to destroy the enemy. This game is one of the biggest and most challenging games in the stickman simulation category.

Strategy Puzzle: Henry Stickmin: Escaping the Prison Henry Stickmin is a famous stickman character that has a leading role in many stickman games. In this game, his mission is to escape from prison. This game is a point and clicks puzzle game, and if you love an excellent adventure and if you enjoy solving puzzles then you should try this game. This puzzle game have three different ways of escaping, let see if you can find all 3 of them.

Driving: Free Ride 2 Free Ride 2 is one of fantastic stickman games. You can build maps, roads and then drive through them with various vehicles. I prefer stickman on a bike. The goal of the game is to make a map with lines on which you can drive a stickman on a bike. The game is very simple to play and has many options. If you love to create games and then play them, this one is right for you.

Sick Game: Stair Fall 2 The simplest game ever, but enjoyable if you wish to release some stress. The goal of the game is to throw a stickman ragdoll down the stairs and make as much as possible damage to the doll. Go check it out if you are a real damage maker.

Stick Fight Game: Combat Tournament There can be only one. Are you the one that will survive this mega combat tournament fighting match? Find out now. This game is easy to play. It is like popular Street Fighter game or Mortal Combat. This game is playable without downloading and that what makes it accessible. Just enter and play.

Stickman Adventure: Sift Heads World Sift Heads World is a huge game that combines many genres together. In the game, you can explore the world, solve puzzles, finish missions and everything is packed with constant action. There are many weapons to use, many missions and you can even customize your character to fit your playstyle.

Action Stickman: wpnFire The extremely playable game when you are under stress and you just want to rage all that stress out somewhere. In this game, you are put in a world with a weapon, and you fight the enemy. There are different modes of play. Adventure Mode – In this mode, you have a goal to find a way to the end of the level. On the road, you will need to fight, kill and destroy.Survival Mode – Here you need to survive waves of enemies. You can choose to fight against zombies or knights. Destruction Mode – In this mode, you need to defend blocks from destruction. Kill wave after wave and stay alive as long as possible. Nade Dodger Mode – This is a mode for real professionals. You have no weapon, and you can not do damage. The only goal you have is to dodge bullets and enemies. How long can you survive as a stickman in this game?

Stickman Sniper Shooting: Clear Vision 2 Sniper action games are very popular among the players. And this game has so many to offer. It is not boring because it has an amazing story and interesting characters. The goal of the game is to kill the enemy and make money. Use the mouse to aim and left click to shoot. Simple and enjoyable game.

Stickman Tower Defense: Hugo: Alone in the Tower You are Hugo, and you are alone in the tower with your gun. Kill the enemy that wants to destroy the tower and kill you. After each level, you can buy new weapons, repair tower, get more health and buy some bombs for easier defense.

Stickman Future Game: Tesla Tesla was a man ahead of his time. In this game,  you will use Tesla coil to destroy approaching stickmans. After each level, you can buy more energy, purchase extra mini coils for additional damage and upgrade all your coils with chain lightning that will attack more enemies at once.  Make sure you have enough energy or else Tesla coils will not work, and you will be destroyed.

We hope you like the stay on our website and enjoy playing all the stickman games we have. We will continue adding new stickman fighting games that get released by various developers so bookmark us and visit us regularly.

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